martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

And now... IN ENGLISH!


(El que quiera la traducción, no tiene más que pedirla... de buen modo, ¿eh?)

I dreamt.
I dreamt I was, not knowing how, in an strange country. I couldn’t understand its language, I ignored its uses, I didn’t know what was going to be of myself.
In the dream, I was sitting by a great window and could see the inhabitants going by, up and down, under a whimsical rain. The sky was closed... as a closed door. In the middle, where several great avenues crossed one another, a funny monolith... witnessing impassive the human worries.
There still could be seen traces of the ancient beauty of this place. But its inhabitants... alas!
After I’ve been watching them for a while, I decided they’d have a few face peculiarities: a bit of surplus skin between the eyebrows, drawn together in little folds; the lack of certain muscles in their cheeks, lack which made impossible for them to lift the corners of their mouths.
Could it be the quality of light? It was odd, almost dark. I remember that, in the dream, I thought: “Its only natural people should be perturbed... With this kind of light...!”
As time went by, I began to know this wretched beings better and came to understand the reasons of their frame of minds.
There was forbidden for them to eat, to travel, to dress themselves, to educate themselves, to be healed, to laugh, to dance or sing...
Of course, not all of them paid heed to the prohibition.
But this is another story...

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  1. Ana, querida mia, estuve sin compu, con el alma anhelante abro mi querido blog y QUE LEO???????????, un monton de letras que lo unico que entiendo es "of course, prohibition" etc y eso gracias a las pelis. POR FAVOR TRADUCCION lo suplica la gnoma de don torcuato